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August 02, 1934 March 29, 2024
August 02, 1934 -- March 29, 2024

Merlyce A. James, Age:89

Merlyce James
Our mother, Merlyce James, was born on August 2,1934, to Elmer and Allyce Weber. A
brother, David, was born about 10 years later.
Merlyce grew up on Lowell Avenue in Chicago. She had a happy and content childhood
playing with her best friend, Georgia Blake, who lived down the street.  She looked forward to
visiting her cousin, Buddy, who lived in a rural area.
As the years wentby, Merlyce worked as a secretary at Skilsaw, which is where she met her future husband,
Richard. Merlyce did modeling on the side during this time. Richard joined the Air Force
during the Korean War.
Once out of the service, Richard and Merlyce married and moved to a small apartment on
Kenrnore Street in Chicago. Richard worked as a salesman at Burhop Paper Company.
Vicky was born during this time. The family moved to 538 N. Broadway Avenue in Park
Ridge. Three years later Chris was born. About seven years later Jessica was born. Now
with three daughters, Merlyce always kept herself busy and well organized. She maintained
a routine around the house. The 1970s marked a time for branching out and entertaining
new friends at the house. Although reserved in nature, she expressed her love to us
through action.
During her life, Merlyce flourished as a homemaker. She immersed herself in many
projects, including sewing clothes for her children and draperies for the entire house. She
even taught herself how to reupholster furniture. She cooked wonderful meals for us and
collected many recipes. She even dabbled in the arts and crafts, teaching us her skills.
Merlyce enjoyed driving to garage sales, taking us along, and gleefully decorating the home
with her newfound treasures. As the years went by, her children married and moved out of
the house. She and Richard carried on with friends and family.
When Richard passed away in 2011, Merlyce cleared the home of clutter. During this
period, she gained independence and took on many new things. Although she lived alone
for 13 years, she was perfectly happy watching movies and hosting holiday events at her
home, until she could no longer do so. She will always be remembered for her strong
independent spirit up untiI the very end.