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Robert Albert Rodrick , Age: 70
April 13, 1948 -- January 02, 2019

Robert Albert Rodrick April 13,1948-January 2, 2019

Bob passed away suddenly at his home at the age of seventy. He leaves behind his loving daughter, Ginny (Greg) Clark; three siblings, Linda, Nancy and Joseph; niece Gina (Nick); and numerous cousins and friends.

Bob grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago where he attended Taft High School. Bob and his wife, Debbie, followed their California dream moving to Carpinteria (just south of Santa Barbara) during the seventies. His daughter, Ginny, was born there. Bob loved to travel, fish and read. He often talked about walking to the ocean with little Ginny every day after work. Bob returned to Chicago several years after Debbie passed away.

Those who knew Bob, remember him as a loving, kind and gentle soul. He was easy-going, incredibly genuine and likeable… all heart. He had great compassion for those in need, both people and animals. Bob will be dearly missed.

We will gather for a remembrance and celebration of Bob’s life on Sunday, January 13th from 2:00 pm to 6:00pm, service at 3:30 pm at Olson Burke/Sullivan Funeral and Cremation Center, 6471 N Northwest Hwy. Chicago. In lieu of flowers, memorials to his daughter, Ginny Rodrick-Clark, would be appreciated to assist with funeral expenses or to Paws Chicago (www.pawschicago.org/how-to-help/donate/).   


Serena Avram January 08, 2019

Uncle inlaw Chicago , Illinois

Bob was a very kind bright funny soul he always lit up the room as soon as he entered it he always talked about California he loved california and was alway laughing im gonna miss his laughs and smile such a kind soul tell my aunt Debbie hi and my mom and you will be missed i will cherish the laughs and memories you left me with love you always till we meet again Serena your brat niece xoxo

Linda Rodrick January 16, 2019

Sister Tucson , Arizona

Eulogy given by Linda Rodrick We’ve lost a loving, kind and gentle soul. That’s how I repeatedly hear people describe Bob…easy-going, incredibly genuine and likable… all heart. Bob was my brother, my friend and someone who I share a lifetime of memories with. We were about two years apart in age, so Bob was my first playmate. I followed him around and I don’t ever remember him telling me to get lost. He allowed me to play baseball, football, army games and more with him and his friends. When I was reading Nancy Drew books, Bob introduced me to Steinbeck, Dickens, Hemingway and other great authors. I’ve always thought that Bob’s early readings influenced his sense of compassion, his depth of character and principles. During the last couple years, we started re-reading some of these classics. We’d have phone conversations about what we were reading…kind of like an over the phone book club. During these conversations, Bob’s steadfast beliefs of right and wrong and his empathy for others always came through. I always respected Bob’s views and ideals. When we were teenagers together, we shared our music, secrets and we covered for each other. In the late 60’s Bob, his wife Debbie (who was pregnant with Ginny) a couple friends and I loaded up in Bob’s red, hippie van and headed out to California. It was an unforgettable trip that further deepened the bond between us. During that trip, Bob and Debbie fell in love with California. When Bob and Debbie returned to Chicago, they packed up their apartment and their two cats and moved to Carpenteria, California. Bob’s daughter, Ginny was born there. Bob, known then as “Carpet Bob”, was said to be the best carpet-layer in the area…and those are Bob’s words. Bob loved to travel and fish. He often talked about how he would walk to the ocean with little Ginny every day after work. Bob was long remembered at the elementary school where Ginny attended for the sardine sandwiches he would make her for lunch. Bob returned to Chicago several years after Debbie passed away. Life wasn’t always easy for Bob. He struggled at times and found ways to escape. I think having a good heart meant he felt things deeply and sometimes found it hard to cope. I often worried and felt frustrated with him, but I always felt a deep connection and love for him. A few years ago, he had a stroke, which gave him some speech and walking challenges. Somehow, Bob always bounced back and I’d have my big brother again. When I had him back, he was fully present, thoughtful, wise and incredibly enthusiastic about life. Thankfully, he had been doing really well in recent years. He was excited to take cooking classes, travel, read. And Bob was incredibly social, making friends wherever he went. More than anything, Bob wanted to return to California to the place he lived for decades. So, when Bob turned 70 last April, Ginny and I decided to put together a birthday trip for him. He was so excited. Bob, Ginny and Greg flew to California and spent a week together. Bob showed his daughter all the meaningful places they went when she was little. Paul and I met up with everyone in California and we all spent a couple days together. Then, Paul and I took Bob on a scenic road trip up the coast of California where we revisited many of the places we went years ago. Bob got around on his walker with incredible enthusiasm, outpacing all of us. We spent time in Big Sur, went to the Steinbeck museum, the Monterey aquarium and ate at the best seafood restaurants around. Bob was so excited about the last leg of our road trip. We drove to Sacramento to spend time with my daughter, Gina and her husband, Nick. I’m so grateful we had this time together. Bob and I continued talking about that trip until the last time we spoke. We will miss you, Bob: dear father to Ginny, brother to me, Nancy and Joe, a loving uncle to Gina, a cousin to many and a friend to us all. You (and our memories) will always live on in our hearts.

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