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Claude Emmett Carr , Age: 87
January 23, 1930 -- January 04, 2018

Claude Emmett Carr, age 87, passed away January 4, 2018. Retired law professor from John Marshall Law School. Loving father of Michael Carr; favorite law professor of Dan Dumezich; very dear friend of Jane Dunne. A memorial service will be held Saturday, January 13, from 1:00 - 3:00 PM at Olson Burke/Sullivan Funeral & Cremation Center, 6467-77 N. Northwest Hwy (one block north of Devon), Chicago, Illinois 60631. Info 773-774-3333.


Mary Russell January 11, 2018

Former JMLS Student Lafayette , Indiana

Please accept my sincerest condolences. Professor Carr was my absolute favorite law school professor!

Cathy and Peter Wifler January 11, 2018

law students of Claude Hawthorn Woods , Illinois

We were both law students at John Marshall in the late 80's and had the wonderful opportunity of having Claude as our Real Estate Law Professor. Claude also was instrumental in helping Cathy get into JMLS. We are forever grateful for his friendship during that time, and his great teaching of the law. We are sad that he has passed. Please know that he touched our lives in a wonderful way and he will be remembered.

Rich Loeffler January 11, 2018

Former student Shorewood , Illinois

He was a teacher, mentor and good friend to me and my classmates in the class of1969. Those feelings and attributes continued beyond graduation. I am saddened by his passing.

Robert Sgarlato F71A January 11, 2018

He was my professor at JMLS between 1968-71 New York , New York

He was my favorite professor. I remember him well. He had a wonderful jovial and caring manner as well as a great personality. His passing saddens me. He was a brilliant man who knew how to keep his students attention and interest. He was a gentleman as well as a scholar. My deepest condolences to his family.

ROMEO Somera January 11, 2018

Former student La Place , Louisiana

My deepest condolences to the family of Professor Carr. RIP Professor.

Rick Horn January 11, 2018

Former Student San Diego , California

Without question, Professor Carr embodied all the wonderful qualities of a lawyer and teacher. His brilliance for teaching coupled with his sincere compassion for those of us going through the excruciating law school experience helped me and many others through those difficult years. I will always be grateful that I had Professor Carr as both a teacher and mentor and offer my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones on his passing. RIP Professor Carr!

Brian Stewart January 11, 2018

Former Student South Pasadena , California

I have such wonderful memories of Mr. Carr. Super smart, engaging, entertaining, sharp and witty both inside and outside the classroom. He made 1L almost bearable and the rule against perpetuities almost understandable. What a class act! My best to his son/family/friends as he will be missed.

Stanley Balzekas January 11, 2018

student chicago , Illinois

In anyone's lifetime, one would be glad to hold a few persons in a special place of honor and respect. Those persons are the people who guided us to our higher goals. Claude was one of those few. Open, inquisitive, intelligent, humorous,wise. My condolences to his family and friends. I hope that his memory becomes a source of strength to all who have known him.

Kim Craft January 11, 2018

Former Law Student DELTONA , Florida

You will be missed, Prof. Carr. I'll never forget your wonderful stories about the "old South" and the bathing wagons that took Southern ladies right into the lake so that they could descend gracefully into the water without revealing too much of their bathing suits. haha You were simply the best teacher ever. Living in Florida now, I've shared that story with friends who actually had relatives who did that. You really made property law come alive. I know you're happy now and looking down on us from a better place. I hope we've made you proud.

Ben Ciravolo January 12, 2018

Former student at JMLS Carmel , Indiana

Professor Carr was truly a gentleman and scholar and inspiration. Since graduating in 1985 and practicing real estate law all these years I often got a chuckle remembering some of Claude’s quips working on a case. Rest In Peace Professor.

Alexis Jarrett January 12, 2018

JMLS student Schererville , Indiana

Dear Michael and Family, Professor Carr was a very caring professor who only wanted the best for his students. Please know he played a valuable role in my development in law school. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Pamela Martello January 12, 2018

former student Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

A memorable teacher as well as a kind, caring person. He will be well remembered.

Tony Eben January 12, 2018

law student Asheville , North Carolina

Claude Carr was my favorite professor at JMLS. More importantly he convinced me to stay with my path at Marshall at a time when I didn't think I would make it in the mid '70's I recently retired after forty years in practice. God bless Claude Carr.

Sue Trubow January 12, 2018

Friend Chicago , Illinois

Good friend, endlessly amusing & the greatest raconteur I've ever known. -Sue Trubow My brother and I always enjoyed seeing Claude over the holidays. A very interesting and intelligent individual. -Geoff & Jon Trubow

Tanya Dietrich January 13, 2018

Student Wilmette , Illinois

One of the best., even in his earlier years. We were fortunate to have Claude as a Professor and mentor . I fondly remember the parties he gave for his students - the only JMLS professor to do so. He truly cared.

James E Shadid January 13, 2018

Student at JMLS 1980-1983 Peoria , Illinois

I had Professor Carr for property first year at JMLS. He was witty, engaging and interested in us excelling. One day he stood me up and asked me a question. I answered yes or no (I can’t remember except that was not enough) He expected yes with reasoning or no with reasoning. I obviously didn’t know the answer. He said “Don’t be so cryptic Mr. Shadid” I didn’t know what that meant either so I turned to my friend Devich, seated beside me and asked Devich, “what does cryptic mean”? Professor Carr, obviously aware that I had no clue simply indicated with his hand and said “Sit down Mr. Shadid”. I have told that story 100’s of times to law students and lawyers. He was a good man. My condolences.

Stephen Brooks January 15, 2018

Enter your relationship with Claude Emmett Carr Enter your city , Texas

My condolences. I took his final Property class in 1999 and he was a tremendous teacher.

Michael Stanton January 16, 2018

Student: Property, Estates & Trusts Chicago , Illinois

My prayers and condolences to you, Michael, over the loss of your father. Sincerely, Michael Stanton

William Turley January 18, 2018

John Marshall Law Student 1980-1983 New York , New York

Claude Carr was a great professor and a master of the Socratic method. He really stretched your intellectual limits. I was fortunate to have him for Property I and II in my first year at JMLS.

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